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Below are the forms to contact internal teams as an Algolian.

Internal Support Request: Use this form if you need to contact the Customer Support Team to Submit a Ticket on Behalf of a Customer, Submit a Misconfiguration Report, or require Internal Technical Support.
See more ways to contact us here
Internal Billing Request: Use this form if you need to contact the Billing Team
CALL FIRE: Use this form to call fire as an Algolian. Please read the following guidelines before doing so. When and How to Call Fire for an Urgent Issue

If you haven't already, please try the Lost Password link on

Enter your Algolia Application ID(s)

For security reasons do NOT include the entire Admin API key. You can sometimes find this API key in your codebase.

For security reasons, do not enter your entire credit card number.

Please enter the details of your request.

To grant access to your Algolia account we need your Algolia Application ID, and *either* the last 5 digits of your Admin API key *or* last 4 digits and expiration date of the credit card linked to your account. If neither is available we need a copy of government-issued photo identification that matches the name on your Algolia account. Please confirm that you have included at least one of these in your request.

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